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Dialogue Dash Workbook

78 Day Writing Cohort

October: 31 Days of Planning
Planning Prompts and Weekly Webinars

November: 30 Days of Writing
Daily Guide and Affirmations

December: 17 Days of Edit Training
Daily Prompts and Weekly Webinars

Master the Methods

Dialogue Doctor

Dialogue Doctor

Build a dynamic cast with unique character voices that will captivate your readers.

Story Hypothesis

Craft a resonating theme that draws in readers by weaving character wants and needs seamlessly into your plot.

Fast-Track Your Story

Guided Planning

Story Inspiration

Plot Planning

Cast Design

Voice Creation

Story Mapping

Intentional Writing

Goal Setting

Writing Log

Motivation Boosts

Scene Evaluations

Progressive Editing

Editing Basics

Editing for Theme

Editing for Characters

Editing for Voices

Adding New Scenes

Connect with the Community

Weekly Webinars
Office Hours with the Coaches
Virtual Write-In Sessions
Accountability Dashboard
Friendly Competition with Prizes
Discounted Coaching Sessions ($25 value)

Community Support

Empower Your Creativity

Dialogue Dash Workbook

Step-by-Step Workbook

Plot tools for multiple styles and journeys

Voice guides create dynamic and engaging characters

Story maps help vehicle character explore their needs

Writing journal to track goals and progress

Editing guides to polish your work


NEW! Story Hypothesis Scene Type Catalog

NEW! Dialogue Doctor Character Voice Encyclopedia

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